6 Reasons Why Custom Patches are a Great Promotional Product

It’s important for you to have promotional products to give to potential customers. A product should quietly promote your business while also providing some kind of use. You want to be careful when choosing the product so that it is kept rather than being quickly discarded. Often, businesses focus on paper promotional products because they are cheap. However, paper promotionals are also thrown away because there is no value associated with them.

Custom patches are a useful promotional product that businesses have used for years. There are many reasons why you should consider using them to promote your own business.

They’re Different

One of the top reasons to use custom patches is because it is different. Not everyone gives out patches, which is why you will stand out from your competition. Consider some of the different promotional products used at a trade show. You will see almost everyone handing out pens. This means that yours would get lost amongst all of the others.

When you hand out any kind of product, you want to achieve the “wow” factor. Patches can be used in a variety of different ways, allowing people to determine how they want to use the patch that they receive from you. Plus, consumers will already start to develop an idea about your product being unique in the industry because of the promo you have chosen.

They Come in Various Sizes

Patches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This allows you to determine what kind of patch will be best to promote your business. There is no limit to the shapes and sizes you can consider. You may want to go with a standard square or circle with all of your information inside of it.

If there is a particular graphic that you use in order to promote your business, this can be incorporated into the patch. It will allow you to stay true to all of your branding. You may have a company mascot, a heart, a star, or even a cactus as part of your logo. This can be the entire patch, allowing the graphic to speak for itself.

A Lot of Detail Can Be Included

Not all promotional products are created equally. Some products can only hold a small amount of information. For example, the average pen design will only allow you to have a name and website address. You probably won’t be able to incorporate your logo.

With a custom patch, you can incorporate as much detail as you want. Various levels of embroidery will allow you to have several lines on the patch, such as including your website address, your motto, or a tagline. All of this is critical to making sure that people know about your company and what to expect. If you can’t include the level of information that you want on the product, perhaps that product is and the best promotional tool for you.

People Collect Them

If you were to ask people what kind of promotional product that they would like to receive, you may find that a lot of people want a custom patch. This is because people will collect them. They may keep them in a scrapbook, on a wall, a bulletin board, or even iron or stitch them on to various products, such as backpacks, jeans, or jackets.

When you give people a product that they collect, it will make it that much easier for you to know that your product will not end up in the garbage. You should always be looking at the return on investment for any promotional products that you give out. If you don’t get a good return on investment, you are essentially wasting your marketing dollars.

There are a lot of promotional products that people will discard because they don’t see the value. However, by choosing a product of that people commonly collect, you acknowledge that you understand what people want and deliver. This will speak volumes to consumers as they start to consider who they are going to do business with for a particular product or service.

They’re Often Displayed

Once you hand these out to people, you have to assume that some people are going to display them. Consider what would happen if someone decides to attach your patch to their backpack that they carry everywhere. All of a sudden, more and more people will be looking at your patch because it will be on someone’s backpack. This gives you a significant amount of exposure.

You should always be looking at the way a promotional product will give you exposure. It is essentially a way to get more for your money. Many products will simply stay within a person’s home. This means that the only people looking at the product will be the consumer and their family. However, if you can distribute a product that will get more views, it will allow more people to learn about your brand and potentially reach out to you.

They’re Affordable

As you consider promotional products, you have to look at the cost per piece. How much do you want to spend in order to get a product into someone’s hands? Generally, especially if you are handing out a product at a trade show, you want to keep the cost affordable. You know that you aren’t going to get a high return.

A custom patch is affordable. The more you buy, the more affordable they become. The cost drops considerably as you order in larger quantities because the embroidery set up only happens once. The products can be handed out in large quantities at any event that you may participate in. If you know that there are other events in your area that you can’t participate in, you can even send your promotional products to be included in the bags.

In the end, you have to consider how unique a promotional product is. Custom patches are highly desirable and they are memorable. Plus, if people choose to display the patch on something prominent, such as a jacket or backpack, it will continue to be a marketing tool as that person moves around throughout the community. You also get the benefit of customizing the patch to include all of your branding.

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